Hello and welcome my my amatuer radio and GMRS website!

My name is William "Kim" Sherman. I received my Technician license in October 2013 and upgraded to General Class one week later.

I am proud to establish and host an open GMRS repeater for the Eagle, MI community.

When in range, I continuously monitor: (Please feel free to give me a call!)
  • My father's K8VEB repeater in Eagle, MI on 443.350 MHz (+5) PL100.0 Hz
  • My GMRS repeater 462.700 MHz (+5) PL 88.5 Hz.
  • My Echolink connection: WA8KIM-L, Node 8125, locally on 446.100 MHz PL100.0 Hz
  • My Wires-X connection: Room: WA8KIM-ROOM (21149), Node: WA8KIM-ND (11149
  •    (My Wires-X DIGITAL frequency is 144.125 MHz simplex using FTM-400DR at 20 watts)
  • My DMR number: DMR-MARC 3126431
Enjoy browsing my site and feel free to contact me with comments!

-Kim WA8KIM , WQSL732
This page last updated: March 28, 2015
Website last updated: March 28, 2015 (Rearranged Tabs, Added YSF & DMR)
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