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2015-11-27: Strong winds blew down my ham repeater's antenna. I have a 92' tower ready to be put up but I won't get it installed until next spring. Therefore, my ham and GMRS repeaters' antennas are just 10' fiberglass antennas mounted in my attic until spring.

: I was approved for a 2 meter frequency pair!!! My new repeater will be on 147.220MHZ PL100.0 running a Yaesu System Fusion DR-1X repeater. It will be linked with the existing DR-1X repeater on 444.275MHZ PL100.0. I plan to have it up and running within a month on a small antenna in my attic. When I put up my 92' tower in the spring, I will move the antenna to the top.

: The Yaesu DR-1X Repeater is finally up and running!

: I finally mounted the WA8KIM repeater in a rack. I eliminated the Broadcastify audio hum with a pair of isolation transformers, but I am still having audio hum on the WIRES-X port. I have another pair of isolation transformers but am waiting for the RCA/Phono adapters to come in for easy connection/disconnection. Hopefully they will improve the audio quality.

: My WA8KIM repeater is on-the-air! I have the Broadcastify streaming working but it has a bit of audio hum. I began streaming the weekly Yaesu System Fusion Net... so far, so good.

: I just received my Connect Systems CS-700 DMR radio. I am having fun playing around and learning about DMR. See my new DMR page for more information. I also created a new Yaesu System Fusion page.

: I finally completed the SVXLink mobile EchoLink node! Take a look on my Raspberry Pi page.

: I added a new page to this website: Raspberry Pi. After dozens of frustrating hours, I was able to get a VPN server going using the Raspberry Pi. I learned a whole lot about Linux / Debian! I currently have an RPi server running at my in-laws and plan to set up another at my brother's house. I also got the RPi SVXLink running, but I need to mount it to a case. I have had a lot of fun chatting over the Wires-X nodes!

: Wires-X is up-and-running 100%. Still working on Raspberry Pi Echolink mobile setup. I installed my 3rd VHF/UHF antenna in the attic and found a family of chipmunks living there. Country living! The Diamond X300A antenna works the best.

: I have been spending MANY hours upgrading the solar setup. Today, I finally updated this website. Check it out!

: Tonight I am giving a presentation on My Bug Out Bag (BOB) to the Clinton County Citizens for Liberty in Dewitt, MI. My previous presentation was
Brief Introduction to Becoming an Amateur Radio Operator presented on 2014-01-14.
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