(20) Renogy RNG-100D 100 watt panels
  • 18 volts each
  • Wired in 10 pairs for 36 volts for efficiency and ability to use backup solar chargers (the Renogy chargers at the bottom of this page can only handle up to 40 volts)
(3) Renogy MPPT40CC Chargers with displays
  • For backup only (purchased prior to MidNite Solar Classic chargers)
  • Max: 40 amps charging, 100 volts solar
  • No user programmable charge voltage settings
Solar panels mounted on roof
(Rohn tower in upper left corner)
* Picture is outdated: There are now 20 panels
Page last updated: February 4, 2015
(4) Trojan L16P-AC Batteries
  • Wired for 12 volts for a total of 840 aH capacity
  • Each battery: 6 volts, 420 20-Hr Amp-Hour rating
  • 114 pounds each!
(2) Midnite Solar Classic 150 Chargers
  • Rated for charging up to 96 amps each
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Keeps a years worth of logging data
  • Whiz Bang Jr. for battery analysis
  • Battery Temperature Sensor for proper charging
Outback Power VFX2812 Inverter/Charger
  • 2800 watts RMS, 4800 watts surge
  • Pure sine wave output
  • Can charge batteries at 125 amps continuous
  • Automatically switches to grid when batteries get low
  • Battery Temperature Sensor for proper battery charging
Outback Power Mate 1
  • Allows easy programming of the Outback Inverter
  • Displays real-time data
  • Provides ability to connect to computer for analysis
Midnite Solar MNDC250-PLUS Electrical Panel
  • 250 amp breaker for inverter
  • (2) 63 amp breakers for solar panels power in
  • (2) 100 amp breakers for solar panel power out
  • (1) 50 amp breaker for GMRS repeater
  • (1) 50 amp breaker for ham radio equipment
  • (1) 5 amp breaker for Xantrex LinkPro
Xantrex LinkPRO 2 Battery Monitor System
  • Works like a fuel gauge for the battery bank
  • Displays current use, accumulated use, and time remaining
Xantrex PROwatt SW2000 Inverter
  • For backup only (purchased prior to the Outback inverter)
  • 1800 continuous Pure Sine Wave output
  • PROwatt SW Remote panel for remote power switching
  • Inline Transfer Relay for automatic grid backup if inverter fails
My Solar Equipment Setup
  • Installed on interior wall in my insulated garage
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