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WiRES-X Weekly Net Archives

Click HERE to view archive folder

( The nets upload automatically after each net at 11:05pm )

- I often forget to uncheck the "announce connect and disconnect" in the WiRES-X software. Sorry!
- I was unable to record many archives due to months of internet outages in 2016 (it was a bad line protection at the street's box)

WiRES-X Weekly Net on Saturday evenings at 9:00pm EDT in Room #21080 America Link Room
( Sat 2100 EDT / Sat 1800 PDT / Sun 0100 UTC ) The net typically runs for 1/2 to 1 hour.

The net is streamed live via BroadCastify (of RadioReference.com)
(Use the "Listen to WA8KIM Repeater LIVE" link above. There is usually a 30 to 180 second delay)

My WiRES-X Node connects from 8:55pm to 10:55pm EDT.

EchoLink users can also participate in the net by connecting to node #8126 WA8KIM-R.

The Broadcastify audio feed consists of my repeater's output and will contain all repeater ID's, beeps. etc.

Page last updated: January 9, 2017 (Updated WiRES-X Net  Room & Time)