Page last updated: September 3, 2014
What is GMRS?
  • General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) is a two-way radio service.
  • An FCC license is required to use GMRS.
  • One license covers all immediate family members, including in-laws
GMRS versus FRS:

              Family Radio Service (FRS)
  • Does NOT require a license
  • Limited to 1/2 watt output
  • Antenna must be fixed (cannot be removable)

GMRS License
  • Costs $85
  • Valid for 5 years
  • No test required
  • Takes approx. 2-5 days to get license
  • FCC online form found HERE.
General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS)
  • License required
  • Up to 50 watts output allowed
  • Can use removable antenna, including mobile-mount and roof-mount antennas
GMRS Range:
  • Handhelds: Approximately 1-2 miles in average terrain
  • Mobiles (car radios): Approximately 5 miles
  • Using Repeaters: Approx. 5-50 miles
  • My repeater: Approximately 10 miles radius from my house